Camden Insights

 This dashboard has been developed to help Voluntary and Community Sector Partners and the wider Camden audience gain insight into relative levels of resident need across the London Borough of Camden and so help with the targeting of service provision.

You can select areas of the map to  drill down to  Ward or Lower Super Output Area level. Lower Layer Super Output Areas (LSOAs) are a geographic hierarchy designed to improve the reporting of small area statistics in England and Wales. 

You can start by selecting an individual insight type and then add others to the mix to see how these intersect. The map will display figures at both the citizen and household level.  At the household level, if you select a number of need types, then the displayed figure means that all the selected indicators relate to at least one person in the household. 
Numbers for combinations which narrow to down to a small number of people or households have been suppressed.

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Current need types on the dashboard:-
  • Benefits - current case on the local benefits system
  • Council Tax Reduction - Cases where an account has a net council tax reduction
  • Free School Meals - taken from the latest termly School Census (covers only pupils at Camden maintained schools)
  • Overcrowding - housing applications with overcrowding points
  • Rent Arrears - accounts with arrears of £100 or more
  • Universal Credit - current applicants and claimants (just those who are also council tenants)
The numbers shown here are approximate and should only be used as a guide to relative levels of factors which may indicate need across the borough. Numbers will tend to be on the higher side than in reality because our different data sets are updated at different intervals and as such are not perfectly synchronised. Also as people move in an out and out of the borough there is sometimes a lag before this is reflected in our data.