Road collision casualties in Camden by ward

This page presents data on road collisions in Camden for the years 2012 to 2015 (the latest year available) broken down by ward.
About the data
Data is provided by Transport for London (TfL) on an annual basis in three parts – "attendants" (incidents), casualties and vehicles. For this dataset, we have joined the attendant dataset to the casualty dataset to provide a richer picture of casualties. Each row relates to a casualty so there may be more than one casualty per attendant. The reference number relates to the attendant not the casualty. The attendants and vehicles datasets can be found separately on Open Data Camden. To avoid anomalies it is suggested any data analysis undertaken should use three years of data.
TfL's own website does not publish data by ward. We have added wards to the data to make it more useful for Camden residents. However some collisions that took place on the boundary of the borough may not be matched to a ward because, while TfL consider they took place in Camden, the location in actually just outside the borough.
This is the first full data story we've published on Open Data Camden - please let us have your feedback.

Casualties by severity

Over 90% of casualties had slight injuries, 8% had serious injuries and 0.3% were fatal casualties.
'Fatal’ injury includes only those cases where death occurs in less than 30 days as a result of the collision. ‘Fatal’ does not include death from natural causes or suicide.
Examples of ‘serious’ injury are: Fracture, internal injury, severe cuts, crushing, burns (excluding friction burns), concussion, severe general shock requiring hospital treatment, detention in hospital as an in-patient, either immediately or later, injuries to casualties who die 30 or more days after the collision from injuries, sustained in that collision.
Examples of ‘slight’ injury are: sprains, not necessarily requiring medical treatment, neck whiplash injury bruises, slight cuts, slight shock requiring roadside attention

Casualties by year

Casualties by mode of transport

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